"Lidia Paladino"
It is not very common for engravers to use the landscape as a medium of expression. In art history we must go back to the golden age of flamenco and the Netherlands where artists enjoyed exploring the nature, especially its light. From the time Jacob Ruisdael and especially Hercules Seghers, an ancestor of Rembrandt ,excel. They also made their contribution in Italy, Canaletto, Tiepolo and Piranesi and  Whistler in England

In contemporary times, Millet, Rousseau, Daubigny, all teachers of the Barbizon School gave us the most beautiful landscapes plates. Today engravers prefer to use the most varied mediums  of expression behind the different searches on ideas and contemporary theories. It is meritorious the case of Lidia Paladino, who ,with fresh romanticism
- ignoring the environment of a grim expressionism-dives with great freedom and authenticity to express herself through the landscape. She develops a personal technique, using the classic etching (using aquatints, soft ground and burin) getting velvety strokes wrapped in subtle gray that provides a rich expressive sensitivity.

Alfredo of Vincenzo. October 1991.